Absenteeism: The Opportunity Cost of Hiring School Cleaning Companies

Absenteeism: The Opportunity Cost of Hiring School Cleaning Companies

Studies show that having a clean environment in nurseries and schools massively reduces absenteeism and increases productivity in children and students. Employing a fully comprehensive cleaning service in your nurseries or schools could be exactly what you’re looking for – and could potentially increase funding by avoiding repeated and insistent sick days.


How in-house cleaning can increase absentees:

Illnesses related to respiratory problems are often caused by airborne particles, such as mould. In a place where children play and learn, it is the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to transmit between children and spread through surfaces. It is estimated that each student takes 10 days off a year due to these kind of illnesses, as they can often cause stronger symptoms in  younger children. Therefore, it is important to make sure these areas are consistently cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning products.

Often, schools try to save money by employing in-house cleaners or getting the teachers to clean their own classrooms. This, however, is a self-deprecating cycle, as schools are taking teachers away from what they are employed to do and teachers may be too busy to do the cleaning thoroughly enough. Furthermore, an overworked teacher is more susceptible to illnesses due to a depleted immune system.

Here are 3 reasons why hiring JMS Cleaning Services would benefit your nursery or school:

  1. Funding – Schools get funding based off a variety of reasons, one of which is absenteeism. OFSTED uses the rates of absenteeism to determine how responsive the school is in ensuring that students attend and are fully interactive with the curriculum. Funding is cut when absenteeism rates are high – a harsh but effective rule implemented by councils. By hiring JMS Cleaning Services, we can ensure absences caused by illness are reduced, by giving your buildings a deep clean with products that prevent the spread of any viruses and bacteria.
  2. Cross contamination – It is common knowledge that bacteria spreads quickly within a heavily used building. Studies show that bacteria placed on a doorknob can spread throughout a building, reaching 40%-60% of surfaces within 2 – 4 hours. By having a school cleaning company consistently eliminating bacteria from surfaces, you will be able to keep absenteeism rates down.
  3. Sick pay – Parents often have to use their own holiday or sick leave to look after sick children, costing both your organisation and the parents. Some parents simply can’t afford to take time off work and pay for childcare, so this may cut into your profits due to parents requesting fewer days than before. Those parents that can’t afford to take time off may just send their children into school anyway, causing even more absenteeism when other children fall ill. Parents entrust nurseries and schools to provide the safest environment possible for their children to learn and play in. By paying attention to your organisation’s cleaning methods, you will be able to save parents and yourself a substantial amount of money – meaning our cleaning service will essentially pay for itself.

JMS Cleaning Services offer comprehensive day nursery and school cleaning for customers based in the Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire area. Our expert team of cleaners are fully experienced and equipped to carry out an extensive cleaning service, using safe and high-grade cleaning treatments for any nursery or school. To find out more about our office cleaning services don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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