The Benefits of Green Cleaning

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The Benefits of Green Cleaning

cleaning suppliesWhether it is the increase in global temperatures leading to melting of the polar ice caps and consequently causing flooding in many parts of the world, or the decline in the bee population threatening to reduce pollination which could lead to global starvation, very few of us can now not be aware of the green issues which are increasingly moving up the political agenda.

Naturally, some of these issues can only be resolved at governmental and international level, and to some degree we may feel powerless to help the very environment in which we live, but there are things that can be done as individuals or companies to help to slow down and possibly even prevent catastrophes such as these.

One of the simplest ways is to use green cleaning products in the home and office. These eco-friendly products contain no chemicals that will harm the environment but are made entirely from natural ingredients. In most cases, the container in which the products come will also be biodegradable or recyclable, and will not therefore contribute to the ever growing landfills of our wasteful society.

  • Individual Benefits

As well as not harming the environment which, of course, is of benefit to everyone, using green cleaning products also has a beneficial effect for the people using it. In an enclosed space such as a room or office, for example, any chemicals released into the air may cause issues with health. This is especially likely with the use of aerosol based products which may cause throat and chest irritations which may be problematic for those with asthma and related problems.

This is especially relevant in an environment where young children are present, such as nurseries. A child’s immune system is not fully developed and they may therefore be more susceptible to any issues caused by chemical products. There are also potential long-term risks in using chemical products with some studies showing that exposure over a period of time to some of the chemicals used in them may be carcinogenic.

Many traditional cleaning products also have a odour that, although often disguised with fragrances, is not especially pleasant and can have a very ‘bleach like’ smell. Natural green cleaning products have none of this and are much more likely to have a natural smell or be relatively odourless.

Because of the nature of the product and its use of natural ingredients over chemical ones, there is little chance of damage to furniture and fittings. Some chemical products may cause deterioration in fabrics over a period of time, and natural products are more likely to help to protect them than damage them.

  • Effectiveness and Cost of Green Products

Whilst it may be true that the first eco-friendly cleaning products were not as effective as chemical ones, this is no longer the case, and advances in research and technology have enabled cleaning products to be produced that perform equally as well as – and often better – than traditional products.

Cost is a factor sometimes aimed at green cleaning products, and whilst it is true that they can be a little more expensive, often they can be bought in bulk or the container simply refilled, which helps to keep down the cost.

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