The Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

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The Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

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Last month we outlined the benefits to keeping your office tidy, and the positive effect this has on staff. However, there are many aspects of an office building that can easily be forgotten; windows are often one of the most forgotten areas to clean in the workplace, leaving a grimy surface that’s unpleasant to look at.
Although window cleaning is not required as regularly as other areas of the office, nevertheless they should be paid attention to. Hiring a commercial window cleaning service such as that offered by us here at JMS Cleaning can benefit your office in the following ways:

Improved productivity

Not only has it been proven that a cleaner work environment promotes productivity amongst employees, but using commercial cleaning services for your windows also ensures employees can focus on their own job responsibilities. Rather than having the additional task of cleaning windows, a cleaner can carry out this task safely and efficiently, while staff can do their main tasks.


Keeping the windows clean makes everyone safer, reducing the risk of hazards in the workplace. What’s more, using a professional cleaning services ensures your windows will be cleaned by a trained professional. Window cleaning can be dangerous, and having untrained employees tasked with this job could put them at risk.

Maintains Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene standards within the workplace is extremely important, as germs and bacteria can easily spread to all employees. Keeping the windows free of dirt and grime is just another step to ensuring a healthy atmosphere remains in the office, and that uncleanly windows are not putting employees’ health at risk.

Good impressions

Dirty windows are not only unhygienic but also unsightly, and can make a bad impression on both employees and guests to the office. Keeping them clean regularly reflects the professionalism of your business, and will likely make a lasting impression on your clients.

Better presentation

Our commercial cleaners use industry approved tools and a wealth of experience to ensure the job is carried out safely and professionally. This will result in a far better finish than an untrained employee trying to clean the windows, and will also mean that they do not need to be done again for a while.

Here at JMS Cleaning Services, we offer premier window cleaning throughout the North West, providing high-quality, professional cleaning services at competitive prices.

Contact us today for more information on the services we offer, or to discuss your office’s cleaning needs, and we’ll be happy to help.

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