The Benefits of a Tidy Office

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The Benefits of a Tidy Office

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With the average worker spending on average 200 hours a week in the office, it should go without saying that a clean and tidy environment should be a priority.

It’s easy for illness and germs to spread quickly around an office environment with many people, so keeping on top of the office cleaning through a professional commercial cleaning service is important to ensure a healthy and tidy working environment. We’ve listed just a few of the many benefits of having a tidy office space below!

Prevents Illness Spreading

Studies have shown that bacteria can spread rapidly around offices, with the majority of germs found in communal areas such as kitchens, on door handles and on light switches. If this is not monitored then illness can quickly spread around everyone using the premises, which can only be bad for business! A frequently cleaned office keeps bacteria at bay.

Less Stress

Messy desks can lead to you not being able to find the right notes, and feeling terribly unorganised! A clean space will allow you to relax knowing that everything is in it’s rightful place and easily accessible should you need it.

Increased efficiency

Office cleaning provides staff with a tidy workplace that in turn, maximises productivity. It has been proven that a clean working environment enables workers to focus on their daily tasks more efficiently and without distraction. Messy desks, on the other hand, can hinder people from working and lead to increased procrastination instead.

Better professional reputation

A clean and tidy office can make a huge impression on visitors and clients as soon as they’ve stepped through the door. Investing in a professional cleaning services ensures your business’ reputation stays as sparkling as the kitchen floor.

Less Safety Risks

Not only can an untidy office potentially spread germs and illness, but it could also present the risk of safety, too. Loose carpet tiles, dangerously stacked paperwork and messy kitchens can all pose a risk to staff, these should be regularly looked after and monitored to ensure everything is functioning safely.

Here at JMS Cleaning, we offer bespoke cleaning services to suit each client’s individual needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

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