The Business Cleaning Jobs That Only Commercial Cleaners Can Do

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The Business Cleaning Jobs That Only Commercial Cleaners Can Do

Keeping your office clean can be a time consuming and energy sapping venture, and it’s unlikely you will have the energy or inclination to do any kind of thorough cleaning after a hard day’s work. While you might be able to tidy a couple of desks and such, there are some jobs best left to the professionals.

The team at JMS Cleaning Services have put together some of the jobs that will benefit the most from our professional office cleaning service so you can go home and get some rest instead of giving it a go yourself.

professional cleaners

Window Cleaning

Making sure that your windows come out streak free and completely clear is difficult to achieve without professional tools and know-how. A large office will mean many panes of glass to clean, which takes time, dedication and technique to ensure every window is expertly dealt with.

It can also be treacherous to attempt to clean your office windows if you’re a few stories up. You likely don’t have substantial equipment at the ready and your confidence in heights might falter quickly, so having the professionals deal with your office windows will remove the risk. They will come fully prepared and outfitted for the job and will make both sides of the glass clearer than you could have imagined.

Carpet Cleaning

Giving your office carpet the once over with a vacuum cleaner might catch some of the mess lying on the surface, but over time an immense amount of dirt, grime and stains will build up and become embedded in the fibres. Dirt that has taken hold like this requires a lot of attention and only a professional cleaning service can ensure that every crumb, spill and stain is fully removed.

If it’s been a long while since the carpet underwent a full, proper clean, a professional office clean will get it back up to scratch. Periodic or daily cleans will help maintain your carpet so it will look constantly clean no matter what. You will certainly notice the difference when you bring in the professionals.

Kitchen Cleaning

There’s no telling how much grease, stains and food residue can build up in the office kitchens. Trying to clean up every surface, plate, cup, knife and fork would be an exhausting way to use up the rest of your lunch break, and the last thing you want to do after finishing up at work is wash the dishes and clear up bits of food before heading home and doing the same thing there.

It’s likely that you don’t have the proper equipment in the first place; a kitchen seeing constant use by many people can lead to thick grease, grimy walls and carbon or fat deposits which form a bacteria breeding ground. To fix up your kitchen and help prevent the buildup of hard to spot and remove layers of grime, a professional clean with specialist products is by far the easiest, most effective way.

Large scale cleaning

If you were to spend time after work trying to clean the entire office on your own, you’d be there into the next working day. Keeping your entire office clean is tough and needs the regular attention of those able to focus their energies on the different cleaning processes required. You will have the luxury of an entire team of cleaners when you choose a professional office cleaning service, and the work will be taken care of when you leave, so by the time you come in the next day, everything will feel much cleaner than when you left.

Deep cleaning

Sometimes you need something even more comprehensive than what’s on offer during a daily clean. If it’s been awhile since the last thorough clean, a one-off deep clean will help rejuvenate your office space. Don’t even think about trying to deal with this on your own; a deep clean requires stronger, more specialised equipment and needs to be handled with complete care. A deep clean is something only the pros can do, so if your office is in need of something drastic, it’s best to pick up that phone now!

JMS Cleaning Services are the North Wests leading professional cleaning company, providing a variety of cleaning services to suit the needs of any client. Our office cleaning services are comprehensive and can be performed daily or periodically. To discuss the different cleaning services we offer, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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