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The Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

Last month we outlined the benefits to keeping your office tidy, and the positive effect this has on staff. However, there are many aspects of an office building that can easily be forgotten; windows are often one of the most forgotten areas to clean in the workplace, leaving a grimy surface that’s unpleasant to look … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Tidy Office

With the average worker spending on average 200 hours a week in the office, it should go without saying that a clean and tidy environment should be a priority. It’s easy for illness and germs to spread quickly around an office environment with many people, so keeping on top of the office cleaning through a … Continue reading

Introducing: JMS Cleaning Services

JMS is very proud to work with the leading names in the construction/property and commercial markets. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our clients no matter the size of the project, and we believe that working in partnership is the hallmark of success. Fundamental to this success is our team who work … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why Retail Businesses Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Presentation is everything in retail, and a commercial retail cleaning company can make your business shine. A more attractive environment for customers, increased productivity and compliance with health and safety regulations are just some of the advantages to contract cleaning. There are five fundamental reasons why choosing a professional commercial service should be a top … Continue reading