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How often should my office be cleaned?

While they may share certain cleaning needs, every office is different. From layout to number of occupants, each property will vary in its requirements – particularly if the nature of the business creates cleaning needs that are out of the ordinary. This makes the question of how often to have your office professionally cleaned slightly … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why Retail Businesses Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Presentation is everything in retail, and a commercial retail cleaning company can make your business shine. A more attractive environment for customers, increased productivity and compliance with health and safety regulations are just some of the advantages to contract cleaning. There are five fundamental reasons why choosing a professional commercial service should be a top … Continue reading

How To Prevent Germs In The Workplace?

We’re all aware of the importance of regular cleaning around the home, and many take pride in following good hygienic practice. Not only does this give an aesthetically pleasing living space, it also reduces the risk of illness through harmful bacteria. But how many of us take this attitude to work with us? In an … Continue reading