How Cleaning Can Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Property

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How Cleaning Can Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Property

A pest infestation will bring any business grinding to a halt, and will be difficult to recover from especially if your reputation starts to suffer. Pests can manifest as almost anything, from rats, mice and cockroaches to much smaller threats like bedbugs, fleas, beetles and more.

pest infestation

It’s vital for any business or public building to prevent against the threat of pest infestation, so this month we’re looking at the how regularly cleaning your office, school, restaurant or shop can stop any pests from taking over your premises and causing harm to any workers, patrons or visitors.

Removing food residue

Different pests are attracted to different things. Food will be a common attraction for a number of different pests, such as rats and mice as well as specific beetles. If you let your commercial space build up with food residue and crumbs, an infestation will be waiting to happen. For this reason, regular floor cleaning is incredibly important. Carpets, rugs and tiled floors in kitchens and eating areas will be a magnet for all sorts of foodstuff, and a thorough vacuum, scrubbing or deep clean will purge surfaces of any nasty spills or grime which would otherwise be a feeding ground for pests.

Bin cleaning

Bins are a common cause of infestation, being particularly alluring for rats, so keeping them clean and emptying them regularly won’t offer pests a chance to mark their territory.

This goes for inside and outside – particularly in restaurants, cafes and kitchens in general. Your outdoor bin area should be kept as clean as possible. Clean up any spills from torn refuse bags – leaving spilled food out in the open is an open invitation for rodents – and keep lids closed to avoid an influx of flies, wasps and insects.


Regularly disinfecting the various surfaces around the building will stop the spread of germs, and will also clear areas of all the sweet smelling leftovers that pests find so attractive. Kitchens should be kept in pristine condition, with daily scrubbing and spraying making sure worktops, sinks, ovens, walls and floors are spick and span and free from the aftermath of morning, lunchtime and afternoon snacking.

Bathrooms and toilets will also be a primary focus, as these rooms can attract a variety of nasty pests. Cockroaches are a particular risk, so cleaning up water and fluid spillages is vital.

In an office environment, desks will be a prime location for pests. Crumbs, spillages, leftover food and more can all be harbored on or around the desks, creating a feeding ground for unwanted insects, flies and more. Obviously, this causes a huge health hazard to employees, with many pests carrying and spreading disease or illness, and these can spread even faster around desks. Disinfecting workstations and generally keeping them free from built up food residue – particularly old fruit – will make for a happier and healthier workspace for all.

Deep cleans

The most thorough cleaning process available, a deep clean will utilise all of the most effective cleaning materials available to clean every nook and cranny throughout the premises. A deep clean can help bring your business from the brink of infestation to a clean, spotless and hygienic space.

A deep clean is the perfect preparation for a more regular cleaning regime. Deep cleans deal with the worst of the grime, producing a much cleaner standard for your premises which can be maintained by regular cleans either weekly, daily or monthly as necessary.

Deep cleans will clear much of the unhygienic mess caked into your premises, from carpets and rugs to clutter-filled storage rooms, kitchens, cafeterias and more.

With infestations, prevention is all about making sure there isn’t a source for rodents, insects or flies to latch on to. Regular and deep cleaning your business will remove most of the sources of infestation, and much of the sustenance that keeps pests thriving and allows them to live long enough to multiply. The cleaner your building is, the less likely you’ll suffer an infestation, so if you haven’t yet figured out a regular cleaning program, or are in need of help from professional, meticulous cleaners, why not give JMS Cleaning Services a call?

JMS Cleaning Services are the North Wests leading commercial cleaning company, providing regular and oneoff cleaning for a range of commercial, retail and industrial premises. With a team of experienced cleaners who use the highest quality products and techniques, we can help make your commercial premises as clean and hygienic as possible, so dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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