Cleaning Entrances, Lifts and Stairways in a Commercial Building

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Cleaning Entrances, Lifts and Stairways in a Commercial Building

Appearances matter, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. To instantly inspire employees, impress clients and gain their repeat business, you need a premises that looks smart and is regularly cleaned. This includes sprucing up areas that are sometimes overlooked, but play an key role in representing your business all the same. This month, we’ll look at the finer details of cleaning entryways, lifts and stairways in commercial premises.

Main entrance

The first thing clients see when they enter a building is the entrance and foyer. Make the best impression by investing in a spotless entrance, cleaned regularly by a professional.

Revolving door in reception of office building

  • Windows must be cleansed of grease marks and water staining; for this, a specialist window cleaning fluid is applied to make for perfectly transparent glass.
  • Doors in modern buildings are often made of sleek glass and stainless steel and therefore need cleansing of fingerprints and grime in much the same way as windows – with a specifically formulated cleaning detergent.
  • Surfaces, such as coffee tables and reception desks, are important to keep clean and not just for appearance’s sake; cleaning these vital areas maintains a high standard of hygiene.
  • Floor mats stop people from tracking mess into the rest of the building, and as such require a good vacuuming everyday; either before or after business hours is best.
  • Refuse bins are crucial for maintaining a tidy appearance. Bin liners must be removed and disposed of appropriately on a daily basis to avoid unpleasant sights and smells.


Stairs are busy areas in the building and require care and attention when cleaning. They are worth the time and effort, however, because so much traffic passes through the stairwell.
Revolving door in reception of office building

  • Stair and landing carpets are a first port of call because these areas collect the most dirt from people’s shoes. A thorough vacuuming and the occasional stain removal can make a world of difference.
  • Hard floors require mopping with a quick drying detergent, as well as using the correct safety signage while the floor dries; once completed, all the grime and dirt is gone and is replaced by an impressive sheen.
  • Glass panels give a contemporary and clean look, but only when washed regularly with warm water and cleaning solution.
  • Bannisters, railings and dado rails benefit from dusting and a wipe down with antibacterial solution, since these fixtures are regularly handled to aid people up and down the stairs.
  • Light fixtures become conspicuous when they are dirty and any build up of cobwebs and insect debris must be removed to maintain a hygienic environment.


Revolving door in reception of office building
If you have a lift in your building, it probably does a great job of making your business more accessible for everyone. Because of heavy foot traffic, you get the most from your lift when it is kept spotless. A lift is typically a small space, so its level of hygiene is always noticed quicker than any other larger space in the building.

  • Keypads and buttons are pressed by hundreds of people over their lifetime; without a thorough scrub, they can become dirty and unappealing.
  • Walls and ceilings, especially those made of glass, stainless steel and mirror fixtures require dusting and wiping down multiple times to remove dirt and avoid streaking.

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