How Cleaning Helps to Prevent Illness at Work

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How Cleaning Helps to Prevent Illness at Work

diseaseThe confined spaces of an office are ripe for illness to spread quickly, with plenty of shared facilities, and desks in close proximity to others. Once one employee has a cold or flu symptoms, there is a sense of inevitability that it will soon spread. While germs are part of life and can not be avoided totally, people can still take some control to reduce their chances of becoming infected.

Illnesses such as colds are spread either through the air when someone sneezes or coughs, or they are passed on from surfaces through touch. As much as the ideal solution would be for people displaying cold-like symptoms to stay away from the office, in reality this is not going to happen. People feel the pressure of work, and are reluctant to take time off. In any case, people are usually contagious with the cold virus a couple of days before the symptoms display, so it may well be a moot point anyway.

The easiest way to prevent illness spreading is by using tissues when sneezing or coughing, and by regular hand washing. Whether with soap and water, or by keeping hand sanitiser by the desk, regular hand washing is seen as the key by many. Try to avoid touching the face, since your hands may have already touched an infected surface. When washing your hands, do so thoroughly, preferably for at least twenty seconds. Wash them in particular before and after eating, after visiting the rest-room, and after coughing , sneezing or blowing your nose.

Therefore keeping office surfaces clean is a very simple way of reducing the potential for colds to spread. Having cleaners that clean the office on a regular basis will help keep surfaces clear of infection that employees may otherwise come into contact with. A flu virus can remain on a surface for up to eight hours, while a cold virus can remain for three hours. Therefore keeping all surfaces such as desks, copiers, doorknobs, and keyboards clean is essential, and probably best done as part of a routine clean.

Of course there are many things that we can all do to help ourselves reduce the chance of becoming ill. Anything that helps bolster the immune system has to be a big plus. This includes diet – proper nutritious meals with plenty of leafy green vegetables. Exercise also helps boost the immune system, as does a good nights sleep.

It can be immensely frustrating and annoying when seeing fellow employees not following basic hygiene etiquette, such as holding their hand over the mouth when coughing. Yet even so there are still quite a few ways people can help minimise the chances of becoming ill themselves. Regular surface cleaning in the office, with regular hand washing, is a good basis to work from.

The best way to ensure that your office is free from germs is to have regular commercial office cleaning from experienced professionals. The team at JMS Cleaning Services are the leading providers of commercial office cleaning across the North West of England. Get in touch today to find out more.


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