Cutting costs: tips for facilities managers

Cutting costs: tips for facilities managers

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Facilities managers are integral for the smooth running of commercial buildings and the efficiency of day-to-day business operations. When considering strategic planning, costs will be at the forefront of many decisions, especially in the current economic climate, and by being open to new ideas you can keep operations streamlined. From cutting energy costs to being savvy with your supplier selection, there are many options open to facilities managers for keeping your buildings economical. Here are some top tips for shrewd cost cutting.

1. Be open to new ideas

If you are looking to make savings for a building you’ve managed for a while, or are just searching for new ways to make improvements, some outside the box thinking may be required. Don’t be afraid to look into ideas that may seem more unusual and always stay on the lookout for ways to improve current systems. So long as you thoroughly evaluate the balance of initial investment versus long-term savings, creative strategies should be given due consideration.

2. Start small

Often, it can take big investment to make big savings. For example, retrofitting or replacing your HVAC system for a more energy efficient one. However, businesses often don’t have the cash to hand to make large changes, even if it will save money over the longer-term. In these instances, small, gradual changes can be a preferable choice, from a financial perspective, and can allow savings to be made instantly. Consider changing to more energy efficient LED lights, installing motion sensors for lighting, or reviewing HVAC usage. The savings from small changes could even be used to save for significant upgrades.

3. Cutting energy costs

Energy usage will always be an area worth examining to see if savings can be made. With sustainability and eco-friendliness being major concerns across industries, there are continuous developments and advancements in technology in this area which lead to improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Think more energy efficient light bulbs and hand dryers, cutting back on site lighting and turning off electronics at night, zoning your HVAC system effectively, and maybe installing eco flush toilets and motion sensor taps to reduce water consumption.

Installing solar panels on unused roof space can be another way to enhance sustainability and even make money from selling the energy back to the grid.

4. Review your suppliers and contracts

Look at your outgoings carefully, do your research, and see whether you could get better deals with other suppliers. Whether it is utilities, cleaning supplies or vending machine snacks, even small savings each month will build up over time, so don’t let the switching process put you off.

You can also try to negotiate a better deal with your current suppliers, particularly if you can incentivise the savings. For example, your current cleaners might be willing to give you a better rate for using their services across several offices or buildings, instead of just one.

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5. Carry out preventive maintenance

It may be tempting to cancel or cut back on routine maintenance of equipment when looking for places to save on costs, but this is a bad idea. To ensure that your equipment and office environment stays as efficient and functional as possible, it is worth paying out small amounts for preventive maintenance rather than large amounts for substantial repairs.

Equipment maintenance will enable peak performance, increase apparatus lifespan, reduce downtime and maintain safety. Regular cleaning of your premises should also be kept up to ensure a presentable, professional and safe environment for staff and visitors. Routine cleans will ensure equipment stays fully operational and will increase the lifespan of fittings and fixtures, preventing replacements – such as carpet refits – from being needed for longer.

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