Daily Cleaning and Hygiene Tips when Returning to Work

Daily Cleaning and Hygiene Tips when Returning to Work

Right now, daily cleaning and hygiene routines for workplaces are more important than ever.

This year has seen COVID-19 grip the country and there are more local restrictions on the horizon to help stem the number of positive cases. However, people need to work and there are some key industries which have bravely continued throughout the pandemic to ensure vital services continue.

At JMS Cleaning, we want to share our tips on daily cleaning and hygiene for those returning to work. We’ll break this into two categories to cater for different requirements: those going to work inside at an office, factory or in retail, and those going to other people’s homes and businesses.

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Cleaning & Hygiene in the Workplace

When in the workplace it’s important to make staff feel safe. It’s better to limit the number of people in any given space at one time to help follow the government’s guidelines on social distancing, but there are a number of cleaning and hygiene routines you can introduce.

Hand Soaps & Sanitisers

Keep your toilets well stocked with hand soaps and have hand sanitiser by entrances and exits so that staff can keep their hands clean regularly. You should encourage guests and visitors to do the same in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Clean Your Workplace

Contract cleaning is a must under any circumstances, but now more than ever you should be investing in regular cleaning. Whether you employ extra staff to help with these duties internally or you use an external company for a contract clean service, this move will send a clear signal to your staff and customers.

Identify Additional Cleaning

There are some areas of your office or business premises which will see more cross-usage and should be targeted for additional cleaning. Up the frequency with which you clean things like door handles, sink taps, kettles, phones and any other items you think will be touched or handled regularly.

On top of cleaning, you will also want to consider limiting the number of people in certain areas of your building where possible. It may be better to spread your operations over a larger area to help people maintain safe distances from each other, but this is not always possible, which is why regular premises cleaning, protective masks and hand washing are a must.

Cleaning & Hygiene Visiting Places for Work

If your work involves visiting other premises or you make house calls by appointment – electricians and plumbers for example – there are still ways you can make it safe to carry out work for customers. Here are a few tips to help you keep your business going and reassure your customers that they will be safe when you visit their home.

Vehicle Cleaning

Keeping your van or car clean will help to reduce the transmission of any virus as you move from place to place. Keep a packet of cleaning wipes handy so that you can wipe down key areas such as handles, your steering wheel, dials, buttons and tools regularly between jobs.

Hand Sanitiser

Some clients may not wish you to use their facilities during your visit, but regardless of whether they do or not, you can regularly use hand sanitiser to limit the need and keep your hands clean throughout your visit.


Personal Protective Equipment, which includes items such as gloves, masks, face visors and full boiler suits, can help keep you and your customers safe during your visit. If you can wear PPE throughout your work, this will give your clients peace of mind that you’re doing everything to avoid transmitting the virus.

Even if most of your work is done through visiting other people’s homes and places of business, you will likely have your own office, showroom or workspace, so it’s worth considering one-off deep cleaning or regular contract cleaning to keep everyone safe.

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