How Clean is My Child’s School?

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How Clean is My Child’s School?

Like any environment, the cleanliness of schools is often under scrutiny, especially with the daily presence of small, inquisitive children.

All schools strive to stay clean and tidy at all times, but there are always areas that are more germ-friendly than others. In this article, the team at JMS Cleaning will look at where the most germ-heavy areas of a school are.


Believe it or not, backpacks pick up a lot of bacteria during a standard school day. Every time your child goes to class, they’ll put their bags on the floor near their desk or hang it up on a wall nearby. These surfaces contain plenty of bacteria that is easily transferred to those backpacks, and then, potentially, the hands of the children who handle them.

Bathroom doors

While you may think that bathrooms are riddled with germs, they are often cleaner than you think. Of course, they still have plenty of germs in there, but bathrooms are cleaned regularly which helps to minimise the levels of bacteria. Bathroom doors, however, are a different story; not every child will wash their hands after using the bathroom, and thus the handles of bathroom doors will be covered in germs.

Playground equipment

Running around at lunch, kids will spread the germs on their hands to the playground equipment they use. Everything from slides to see-saws will contain the germs that kids have picked up during the day, which will in turn be passed on to other children.


With IT skills and computer literacy becoming a crucial part of children’s education, many schools have computer rooms. With so many children using the same group of computers, keyboards and mice will pick up plenty of germs, which will be picked up by kids as they type and click.


For a couple of hours a day, hundreds of kids descend on the school cafeteria to eat their lunches, whether they’ve brought their own from home or they get school dinners every day. The tables they sit at will be subject to food spillages, unclean hands and other contaminants that will spread easily during the lunch hour.

School Cleaning Services

In order to minimise the presence of germs in a school, you need the services of a professional cleaning company that you can trust. JMS Cleaning Services offer thorough, efficient school cleaning services for day nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools alike.

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Our highly trained and DBS-checked staff use safe chemicals and best practices to ensure that our work is completed to the highest standard throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and the surrounding areas.

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