The Importance of Regular Cleaning for Day Nurseries

The Importance of Regular Cleaning for Day Nurseries

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For any environment in which young children will be for a long period of time, ensuring that a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained at all times should be a top priority.

Here at JMS Cleaning, our team have a wealth of experience cleaning schools and day nurseries to a high quality. We’ve listed some of the reasons why regular cleaning for a day nursery is essential below.

Cleanly environment

Regular cleaning of your day nursery will ensure there is a consistently tidy, hygienic environment. Regardless of the health benefits of a clean nursery, regular maintenance makes it an overall better place for the children to spend their day in, and for staff to work in.

Clean workplaces, schools, and nurseries all promote a more welcoming, positive atmosphere, so employing cleaning services to keep your day nursery spick and span will make everyone happier to be there.

Food safety

It can be difficult to keep track of all the children in a day nursery, and to make sure they are washing their hands at appropriate times. This can often lead to food becoming contaminated, or surfaces used to prepare food not being clean.

Having a regular cleaning service will ensure surfaces are frequently cleared of bacteria and stay hygienic for food to be prepared on or eaten off. With young children particularly susceptible to illness or even food poisoning from bacteria picked up when handling improperly prepared food, it is essential that these areas are kept clean constantly.

Infection prevention

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Young children and babies are vulnerable to germs, lacking the immune systems that enable adults to easily fight off germs that can be picked up from food and surfaces and transmitted through the eyes, nose, and mouth. Germs picked up by young children in the day nursery could quickly lead to infection and illness, so it’s essential that the environment is kept clean and germ-free.

Our regular cleaning service sanitizes every surface, ensuring that germs that may be found throughout the day nursery are eradicated, preventing infection to the children.

Professional clean

Your employees may not have the time or the adequate training to ensure your day nursery is cleaned thoroughly and on a regular basis. This is essential to ensure the spread of infection and illness to young children is eliminated, so the best course of action is to hire a professional cleaning service to take the burden off your staff.

Our team provide a consistent high quality clean to your premises, and our flexible schedules mean we can fit in with your requirements. Get in touch with us today for more information, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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