How often should my office be cleaned?

How often should my office be cleaned?


While they may share certain cleaning needs, every office is different. From layout to number of occupants, each property will vary in its requirements – particularly if the nature of the business creates cleaning needs that are out of the ordinary.

This makes the question of how often to have your office professionally cleaned slightly more complex than it might seem. That said, there are daily cleaning tasks that should be completed as standard, and ensuring that you have the right office cleaning company to carry them out is vital to the ongoing hygiene, appearance and general well-being of your working environment.

Regular Cleaning Needs
Appearance and first impressions are important not only for visitors to your business, but also for the motivation of your staff – there is nothing more demoralising than a dirty floor or dust all over desks and computers. Therefore, daily cleaning is the key to high standards of upkeep.

Your cleaning company should be instructed to dust all surfaces, vacuum carpets and mop hard floors, disinfect all bathrooms and clear up in kitchen areas, and any professional outfit worth its salt will be able to do this out of office hours to ensure that it doesn’t impact on the working day.

Daily cleaning is particularly important when computers or other electronic equipment are a central focus of the business’s operations, as dust build up can block ventilation components and cause malfunction, having a negative impact on productivity.

Stopping the spread of disease, especially in busy offices with high employee numbers, is also crucial for maintaining high productivity levels, as losing workers to coughs and colds for a couple of days at a time will soon start to add up.

Less Regular Cleaning Needs
While daily cleaning tasks focus on issues of hygiene and appearance, a less regular approach can be taken to some areas of the office.

For example, while sills and frames should be regularly dusted, windows themselves will require a deep clean inside and out, only once a month or so (unless they become particularly dirtied by bad weather in the meantime).

Carpets, too, require less regular attention – a deep cleaning and shampooing every six months or so should suffice, so long as they are vacuumed each day.

Nature of the Business
Some offices, however, will require specialist cleaning requirements due to the nature of the environment in which they operate.

Any offices on a medical premises, such as a GPs surgery or dental practice, will be subject to the stricter hygiene needs of these places, while factories and warehouses with heavy machinery or the propensity for oil and material waste will require a more detailed daily cleaning plan.

JMS Cleaning Services
Regardless of the cleaning requirements of your office, the experts here at JMS Cleaning Services are on hand to tailor a regular schedule that suits the exact needs of your environment.

Working throughout Middlewich, Chester, Manchester and the wider North West, JMS call on over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the office cleaning industry to provide a high quality, flexible and reliable service to all of our customers.

For more information, get in touch today.

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