Why you Need a Professional Cleaning Company for Daily School Cleaning

Why you Need a Professional Cleaning Company for Daily School Cleaning

The summer holidays are here, and – for now – classrooms up and down the country are free from the noise and trails of debris left by students. Soon, however, they’ll be back, and the chaos will reignite once more – and someone has to be there to clean up after them! In this article, we will cover those areas within a school that are most at risk of contamination, and why those areas require professional cleaning.

The Cafeteria

Between the hours of twelve and two, throngs of students and teachers flock to the cafeteria to eat lunch, leaving a fair degree of mess. If left, this area can become a breeding ground for germs and, as a result, needs a very deep clean. Mud, grease, food stains and spillages – all of these things can be tough to remove. On top of this, the cafeteria is generally a very large place! To achieve high levels of sanitation, a professional cleaning service is necessary to ensure all floors and surfaces are swept, wiped and disinfected with precision, on a daily basis.

It should be noted here, that many students are encouraged to get involved in the cleaning process to minimise mess during the lunch hour. Although added numbers may bolster the cleaning effort whilst teaching children about proper sanitation, it is not a true substitute for professional cleaning: cleaning in this manner requires the appropriate products and the proper knowledge.

The Classrooms

school classroomThe classrooms are where staff and children will spend the majority of their time at school. With this in mind, it is important these areas stay germ-free. Carpets must be hoovered, bins must be emptied and all tables, doorknobs, chairs and desks must be properly wiped with a microfibre cloth to prevent contamination. If this isn’t done correctly, children will easily catch germs and pass them on. Keep in mind, though, all cleaning products used must be very gentle, otherwise they could cause harm to the students. Luckily, JMS Cleaning Services always use high quality products when carrying out their meticulous work in schools.

The Changing Rooms and Toilets

school changing room
The changing rooms might only be used for around a half-hour a day, but they can quickly become a school’s dirtiest area. After sport, mud and sweat can linger near the lockers long after the children have gone, and need special attention when it comes to mopping and cleaning. Moreover, the toilets can become particularly foul, and will need disinfecting, bleaching and deodorising on a regular basis. This comprehensive level of cleaning requires a certain amount of staff, and a certain level of expertise – expertise which only a professional cleaning service can provide.

Halls and Corridors

The numerous, busy, labyrinthine corridors of local schools can become jam-packed with students traipsing from lesson to lesson, dragging any mud or debris stuck to their shoes with them. Vinyl flooring can facilitate the cleaning process, however, if proper standards are to be maintained, floors must be mopped and lockers and shelves must be dusted diligently and systematically. With a professional cleaning service, corridors can become safe, pleasant, sparkling thoroughfares!

If you think your school or nursery could use the help of a professional cleaning company, regardless of your size, JMS Cleaning are for you! Our experienced, committed team use only the highest quality products, helping create safe, pleasant and hygienic environments for children. For more information on our dedicated cleaning services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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