The Relationship Between Health, Education and Child Development

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The Relationship Between Health, Education and Child Development


Textbooks, pens, and exams are what first come to mind when thinking about what makes for academic success, but research shows that the cleanliness of a classroom considerably affects a students academic performance and attendance. It is clear that maintaining a clean classroom is difficult, especially with how messy children can be! We think cleaning is best left to the professionals, who have the best techniques and products to create a safe and hygienic environment. In this article we will explore why a clean schools and classrooms make for successful child development and a prosperous education.

Creating healthy habits

By implementing healthy habits in young children, you’ll be creating lifelong routines which will protect them from illnesses in the future. It is no secret that children are highly influenced by their surroundings, so maintaining a clean classroom gives them a standard of what to aim for when cleaning their own rooms and workspace.

By taking advantage of children’s formative years, it will be much easier to teach them and showcase the best habits earlier on, as children who haven’t lived and learnt in clean rooms are more likely to be messy and unhygienic in the future, as well as have more health problems (stemming from inadequate cleaning practices).

Reducing absenteeism

Research shows that a clean classroom reduces the number of absences in children and teachers. Young children in particular have vulnerable immune systems, so are more susceptible to illness. Children are known for their messiness, and to an extent, we should let them explore their creativity through reducing restraints on what they can and can’t do. However, by letting children have free rein on their creative instincts, they are bound to make a mess!

Don’t inhibit a child’s learning processes and get a professional cleaner to maintain a hygienic environment for your students. By having your classroom kept sanitised and disinfected, you’ll be protecting your students from illnesses all year round.

Keep good teachers at your school

All teachers want to work in a clean environment, especially as many teachers spend over 40 hours a week in the classroom, teaching and preparing lessons for their students. Many teachers report having to clean their own classrooms, which not only eats into their already very busy schedule, but many do not know how to effectively disinfect the surfaces, which defeats the purpose of cleaning in the first place.

No one would be motivated to produce great work in a dirty and messy environment; a cleaner classroom only increases productivity and great teaching.

Make coming to school enjoyable

By creating a nice learning environment for students and teachers alike, you’ll make coming to school an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately many children come from poor home environments, and to them a school is a place in which they can learn and experience life in a better environment than their home can provide. Children enjoying school makes for better interaction between the students and teachers, creating a happier environment in which they’ll want to learn.

Fewer distractions

A dirty and cluttered classroom will distract students and teachers alike, causing less productivity during lessons. Young children can easily get distracted during academic exercises, so by reducing interruptions, teachers can get better grades from their students, therefore boosting their future options and potential.

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