The Top 5 Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

The Top 5 Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

Sometimes it’s best not to think about how much time we spend at work, but when it comes to hygiene, it definitely helps to stop and ponder.

With offices only growing in size, it’s becoming more and more important to maintain a high level of cleanliness. The more people moving in, out and around the office, the higher the chances of dirt, grime, clutter and general unpleasantness, and this can quickly add up to pose a serious health risk if left unchecked.

In this article, we’re looking at five of the main dangers that present themselves in an unclean workspace, highlighting the importance of a regular, meticulous cleaning schedule.

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1. Germs and bacteria

Lazy or sloppy cleaning practices can lead to the fast growth, and propagation, of germs and harmful bacteria in the office. Germs can potentially thrive anywhere throughout the working environment.

From stained desktops, carpets, tiled floors and door handles, to kitchen tops, cups and cutlery, failing to keep the entirety of your office clean means encouraging germs and bacteria to thrive, and this can cause widespread and prolonged illness for a large portion of your workforce.

Use antibacterial cleaning products to kill germs, and make sure to encourage healthy cleaning habits for all of your workers, in public kitchen and eating spaces and personal desk spaces, alike.

2. Mould

The growth of mould occurs when excessive moisture is left to accumulate, whether it’s from water vapour or from spillages that haven’t been cleaned up properly. Just like at home, mould in the office is more likely to develop in areas where water and moisture is common.

The kitchen and toilets are the main culprits, and these are two areas which office workers often fail to keep sufficiently clean. Mould poses many health hazards, from itchiness and skin/throat irritation, to  the formation of rashes, allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Prevent mould throughout your office by making sure that the kitchen and toilets are cleaned thoroughly, with any spillages or puddles wiped up immediately, and floors and walls wiped dry.

3. Clutter

It’s not just viruses and illnesses you have to watch out for in a dirty office, the presence of clutter can be just as harmful to employees.

Firstly, a cluttered office transmits an unprofessional and lazy atmosphere, which will be a detriment to your overall business reputation.

Secondly, strewn clutter along corridors, behind doors, next to desks, in meeting rooms and elsewhere creates serious trip hazards for employees. Clumsily-placed boxes, coats and bags can obscure fire exits and will make the entire office more difficult and more dangerous to navigate.

Clearing up clutter is a vital part of keeping your office clean and safe, and should never be overlooked.

4. Morale

Simply put, a dirty office is an unpleasant place to work. A clean working environment will go a long way towards keeping your employees happy, productive and motivated day to day.

Open plan office designs are incredibly popular nowadays, but they do come with the consequence of showcasing any unclean habits your employees might have.

Tidy workers will be dismayed if they are surrounded by dirt, clutter, spillages or stains, and a negative atmosphere can quickly circulate throughout the office if it isn’t kept regularly clean.

Sooner rather than later, you’ll see this affecting your business as a whole.

5. Sick leave

As we’ve said in previous points, there are a number of health hazards associated with an unclean office. From niggling irritations to more severe respiratory problems and outbreaks of flu, a dirty office environment can force large numbers of staff to take more sick days than they usually would.

Employee absence can bring any business grinding to a halt, particularly when it becomes a regular occurrence because you haven’t taken the proper steps to keep your workplace hygienic.

Professional, periodic cleaning of your office space will dramatically improve the base level of cleanliness in the workplace, keeping employees healthier for longer, so they can carry on working hard without risking their own personal health day after day.

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