Top tips for school facilities managers: energy saving, cleaning & more

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Top tips for school facilities managers: energy saving, cleaning & more

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School facilities managers have unique premises to look after, with quality learning environments needing to be balanced with prudent cost management. Good facilities management in a school can improve the classroom setting for staff and pupils, increase running efficiency and enhance the public impression of the institution. Read on for some top tips for managing educational facilities.

Energy saving

Energy usage in a school is a large cost and so it’s always worth regularly reviewing your consumption to see if savings can be made. Small adaptations can make a large difference over time and can be the easiest updates to implement. Consider updating your HVAC system settings and zoning, installing energy efficient lighting and appliances.

Simple changes such as encouraging the turning off of electronics after usage can be worthwhile, especially when scaled up to whole IT suites or school-wide. Appointing ‘energy saving champions’ in school staff or pupils who help monitor such initiatives can be handy and a way to get the premises’ inhabitants involved.

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Out of hours

With school facilities often providing valuable space for out of hours clubs and societies – for pupils and the wider public – it is easy for excessive energy to be used during this time. Monitor the use of energy from such groups, potentially drawing up some guidelines for how they use the premises and how to use energy judiciously. You could also try to contain such groups’ access to the wider school to prevent extra, unnecessary energy use outside of their required space.


Lighting is an area where large savings can be made and where updating your technology can really make a difference. For example, updating traditional lights to LEDs can save up to 60% of lighting costs. Installing a motion detection system for your lighting is another way savings can be made as lights will automatically switch off when not being used. Furthermore, you can save money by switching off lighting on sunny days or when screens are being used – this will also reduce screen glare, thus helping to reduce eye strain.

Thorough cleaning

school cleaningThorough cleaning and upkeep is particularly important in the school environment. Not only will cleanliness cultivate an attractive, undistracting and well-maintained place of learning, it can also impact health. Illnesses and allergies can greatly impact learning and absenteeism and an unclean school will worsen both.

Professional cleaners should be employed to clean the school on a daily basis, ensuring that surfaces are disinfected – thus reducing germ spread – and spaces are completely dusted and vacuumed – reducing the presence of irritating allergens. A professional cleaner will also be able to utilise child-safe cleaning chemicals and offer comprehensive, cost effective janitorial supplies to further promote hygiene.

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Proactive maintenance

Keeping equipment well-maintained – from your heating system to computers – can help extend their usable life. This is useful both in terms of saving you money on untimely replacements and repairs, and in keeping your equipment from pesky downtime which, in a school, could have an impact on the ability to teach. Have equipment cleaned and serviced regularly to keep it in good condition – at peak efficiency, your equipment will be running in the most cost effective manner, too.

From local nurseries and schools to large colleges and university buildings, JMS Cleaning Services can provide your premises with a meticulous, tailored cleaning service. With an experienced and well-trained team, knowledge of tried-and-tested cleaning techniques, and a range of professional cleaning equipment, we can keep your premises fresh, hygienic and inviting. Get in touch our friendly team today to discuss your needs – we’re happy to help clients throughout the North West, including Manchester, Crewe & Liverpool.

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